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Kringle Society Mission Statement

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Kringle Private Society
“The Billion Coin”

A Global Sharing & Eleemosynary Society


OCTOBER 1, 2018

This Public Announcement is directed to the current members of the worldwide private society that has been known since March 2016 as The Billion Coin or TBC, as well as to All Parties, both Public and Private, who may have an interest in this information. The intent of this announcement is to inform our members of important changes and refinements to our structure that are being implemented at this time to better serve our members and more accurately portray the nature and character of our society, our private membership association and our global mission. This is being undertaken to better define exactly what our society and membership community is and has always been since our inception. These changes and refinements are a result of further research and investigation into the necessary compliance requirements of the global system. This relates to laws pertaining to monetary systems, public versus private currencies, and other matters.

We have always, since the beginning, directed our efforts in creating The Billion Coin to be in full compliance with all laws and jurisdictions while at the same time providing the solutions we have developed to relieve global poverty for all people in this world. With our new research and investigation we have determined that certain use of language was misleading or potentially able to be misconstrued, therefore the time for clarity and precision is now upon us as a community. Certain foundational components of our Private Society and Membership Association were inferred but not necessarily precisely conveyed with our choice of language and presentations. Thus, we now see that we must correct previous errors and mistakes, whether done by commission or omission, and more properly present to our membership and the world at large what exactly we are and what we are not.

In this regard, pursuant to this announcement, we wish to define these fundamental points and principles to achieve clarity for all concerned. These points are as follows:

  • The TBC community was founded as a Private Society and a Private Contract Association and continues as such to this day. It will always be defined exactly by these two phrases.

  • A Private Society is not incorporated in any jurisdiction and is established upon the right of all people to have and express the paramount right of Self-Determination and Private Association. As an unincorporated Body Politic we do not derive our existence from any external authorization, but by the Will and Intent of the members of the Society.

  • At the same time, we honor and respect the laws of all nations and do not encourage any member to do otherwise. It is of the highest importance in our Principles of Association that we remain in honor and peace with all people and all nations.

  • Our Society is founded upon a Mission Purpose with stated Principles. This Mission Purpose will soon be formally defined in a published Mission Statement, while at the same time, since our inception, we have put forward the Principles that in fact define our Mission and Purpose in various written presentations both public and private.

  • The Mission and Principles are simple and pure. We are here to provide the people of the world a tool to alleviate all poverty and suffering for all people. This tool puts into the hands of the people the Right of Self-Empowerment.

  • A Private Contract Association is a group of people who come together to form a mutual basis of association, a Mutual Benefit Society, in which all benefit from the structure, tools and principles of the Society accrue to and are shared by all the members. A Private Society and Private Contract Association, styled as a Mutual Benefit Society, is not owned by any individual. They exist by the Will of the Members and are established on the basis of privately contracting to an agreed upon set of rules and activities. These rules have already been made clear since our beginning as to what is required to be a member of our society and association in good standing.

  • As a member in good standing one has the benefit of using The Billion Coin and the Kringle currency as a private medium of exchange. One of our mistakes was naming this currency as a form of “money”, which we now realize is not accurate, and this will soon be corrected. The term “money” carries certain legal definitions and implications. Thus, by this Announcement, we are making it clear that any and all use of terms such as money, dollar, euro, or other similar words and references, was done in error and mistake. We therefore hereby issue our formal apology and declaration of intent to correct such mistakes forthwith and with the utmost expediency possible.

  • TBC and Kringle are not commercial instruments or negotiable paper as those terms are defined in domestic and international legal systems. Any implications, inference or aspersions to the contrary were done in error and, again, we apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion caused by our inaccurate use of language, all of which will soon be corrected on our web sites and any other materials available either public or private.

  • TBC and Kringle are not in any way a security instrument. They do not secure any interest in any intrinsic value, commodity, asset or account. They are a privately issued medium of exchange available only to members of a private Mission Society and Private Contract Association, pursuant to and according to its private rules of membership and participation. The inherent value that they represent is only the Life Force and Spiritual Value of our private society members.

  • We are a Global Sharing and Eleemosynary Society. The “Sharing” is derived by the private contract agreement to share our value and life force with each other, for mutual support and benefit. TBC and Kringle are a private currency, which means it is designed to flow through a channel much like as river has a current and flows through its course, or electricity has a current that flows through wires that provide the value of kinetic work to light our homes and run our factories. We share the common purpose and value of using our life force as a current that flows through the course of our system, which is made up of living men, women and children. Eleemosynary means charitable and we define our society as such because we believe in the true charity of kindness, giving, sharing and supporting lives of integrity and respect. As we all work together to build this global community, we are providing true giving and sharing for all who participate.

  • Any use or reference to commercial terms or comparative value ratios against national currencies or precious metals is only for comparative purposes, and does not impute any direct or secured relationship to such instruments or assets. Any misconstruction of this in the past was done by mistake and error for which we apologize and shall rapidly correct as stated herein.

  • Any inference that TBC or Kringle is a medium of investment is entirely inaccurate, and once again, any language in previous materials, websites or presentations that may have engendered such mistaken inferences shall be corrected. Any statements that our private medium of exchange carried fungible potential with public currencies was never inferred or intended.

  • Henceforth we shall use the formal names of our organization as the Kringle Private Society and the TBC Private Contract Association. Our Mission Statement and related materials to this effect will be forthcoming and made available to the public via our two official websites. We do not accept any misconstruction of our Society, Purpose, Principles or Association that might be found on any other public medium, i.e., YouTube, Social Media platforms, individual websites. Only formally authorized materials shall henceforth be considered acceptable to represent these entities, and such materials will always be issued under the formal Seal of the Society, which is currently being developed and will soon be announced on our websites. Upon such announcement, all materials, brochures, publicly accessible web pages and any other medium of communication will display the Seal and only the TBC Administrative Team shall be authorized to use said Seal.

  • In the near future, Articles of Association will be published for the Private Contract Association. All current and future members will be required to electronically sign and accept the articles in order to continue with their membership. These Articles will comprise the contractual basis of our Association, thus fulfilling the requirements of a Private Contract Association (henceforth also referred to as “PCA”). These articles will contain already existing rules of membership, with the addition of a few required stipulations to properly reflect the information presented in this Announcement.

  • As a Private Society, the Kringle Private Society has full authority to create its own form of governance, law form, court and private treasury. These will be established to better serve and protect the interests of our members, and will be available to every member for the settlement of disputes and other such basic principles of a balanced society of men, women and children. It will take time to properly fulfill these requirements and all members will be kept informed as to the progress thereof. We request the understanding and patience of our members in this process.

  • Our purpose and mission includes the education of our members so that they grow into properly informed and intelligent members of the private society and the larger world society of our respective countries and the world as a whole. In months to come, we shall be implementing tools for such education so that our members can be successful with TBC and Kringle and understand how to use it for their benefit and the mutual benefit of all of our members. Within such education, some of the terms and points contained in this Announcement (and in future materials) will be clarified so that we proceed forward together as a well-educated body politic of competent and educated people that are here in association to benefit ourselves, the communities and nations in which we live and work, and the world as a whole.

  • The only value that TBC and Kringle carry is that of the mutual benefit confidence of our private members. We hold the value of every human being on this planet to be of the highest order pursuant to our privately held beliefs and conscience. All of our members comprise the collective value of our Society, as an Ekklesia (defined as the body of the congregation) that is the living body of our congregation together.

  • We are a non-denominational and non-hierarchical body of living beings. This is the definition of a Body Politic, thus we consider our Society to be an Ecclesiastical Body Politic immune from the public, commercial and corporate jurisdictional authorities of constituted National Bodies Politic. We do not ascribe to any given religion, path, or other denomination of belief or creed, while at the same time, we support all of our members in the pursuit of their own Right of Self-Determination to uphold individual beliefs and modes of living through private and personal conscience. The only exclusion to this principle is against those who would use our society to promote violence or harm to others. This includes an absolute forbiddance of any illicit use of our private medium of exchange in any manner to take advantage of another or to transgress the domestic laws of the nations in which one lives. We are here to promote peace and prosperity for all human beings and all living things in this world.

  • The Kringle Society has been established in conformity and in alignment with the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society 1 . All records of the Kringle Private Society are secured and held in the priv ate permanent archival system of records of the PanTerra D’Oro Society Court of the Ekklesia. We are in full alignment with the globally published Declaration of Intention 2 of the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society and formally adopt the principles contained therein. As a member of the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society we are aligned with and included therein to the formal announcement to all World Administrative Bodies 3 and the Offer of Treaty of Peace and Cessation of Hostilities presented to the Holy See 4 via the Nuncio of Washington District of Colombia.

  • We are at peace with all public entities and institutions worldwide, neutral in the public and proceeding in peaceful harmony and comity with all agencies, departments and authorities of any and all public entities of national character. Henceforth all public communications shall be under the Seal of the Kringle Private Society and the International Flag of Peace.

  • To all of our current members, please be patient as we undertake the necessary changes as described in this Announcement. We will have abundant details ready to provide within our private member enclosures in weeks and months to come. The changes being undertaken will assure a stronger and more resilient membership for all of us for the fulfillment of our mission and the prosperity of all. Thank you for your patience and consideration and continuing support.

Finally, we wish to address something that is currently in progress with respect to an inquiry being conducted by the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) of the United States. Some of our members are aware of this but most are not. Thus, we want to be clear and above board on this point so that all are aware of the situation and understand it properly. This inquiry is a legal process by an authorized government agency. We understand that this is being done with most or all crypto and digital currencies to determine if any given currency is in fact structured or promoted as a security as such





would be defined by United States laws. As we all know, many new currencies, coins and tokens are being created now and have been for several years through a type of offering known as an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”). This is, of course, similar to what occurs when a private company decides to take a corporation public by contracting with a market maker to underwrite an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”). So, obviously, there are similarities in language and function.

An IPO sells stock in a company that is backed by the assets of the corporation and is promoted on the basis of future earnings. This secures the shares of stock by the assets and thus is a security within the scope of U.S. law and the SEC has jurisdiction over such securities to regulate and control them within the public markets. That agency is called the Securities Exchange Commission because it regulates and oversees the ongoing “exchange” of securities through normal market functions. When ICOs first came out, they offered “coin” or “tokens” for cash, usually denominated in United States Dollars, over which the United States and its agencies have jurisdiction. The coins issued were secured against the cash raised by the offering or oftentimes by an asset base such as real estate that were explicitly stated to back the coin. This then became a form of security and thus the SEC has been investigating many of these coins to determine whether they are a security or not, and if so, to bring them into the regulatory environment of their jurisdiction.

In the case of TBC and Kringle, we do not fall into this category. We have never made any claim that TBC and Kringle are a form of secured interest in assets or public funds. We are not in the jurisdiction of the United States because we are not a corporate entity in that jurisdiction and do not derive our authority to exist or operate from said jurisdiction. We have always been clear that we are a private society and private member organization. We now realize that we made a mistake in referencing the value of TBC and Kringle in “dollar terms” and this was corrected earlier this year. We now make reference to grains of gold but to be absolutely clear, we have never declared either publicly or privately that the currency of TBC and Kringle are secured or backed by gold, only using a grain of gold as a reference point. The value of TBC is simply and solely the value of the living beings who participate in our private society by and through our private contract association. When any member joins the TBC Community they contract to abide by the rules that we publish. We will soon be expanding the details of our structure with written and educational materials to reflect this, but since inception, we have only been a private member organization and the value of our currency is nothing more than the value of our membership.

So, for any members who are currently under a subpoena by the SEC to provide data and information, we encourage you to be fully cooperative with their inquiry and at all times tell the truth as best as you know and understand it. We have nothing to hide or avoid, so the truth is always the best policy. We firmly believe that in the end this inquiry will prove the statements we have made here and the SEC will determine that we are not offering securities, have never made any sort of Initial Coin or Public Offering and do not promote any secured interests. TBC and Kringle are private mediums of exchange, to be used to promote equitable exchange between private parties for goods and services. If some members have exchanged TBC for domestic currencies of any country, then they should consult professionals as to any legal requirements that may entail as far as taxation, reporting or other considerations with respect to their home country of residence or domicile. This also includes if the exchange of a private medium of exchange for goods and services in your domestic jurisdiction might carry any tax implications. We will always encourage our members to recognize the truth in the statement that all PERSONS liable to report and pay income taxes must do so in conformity with local law. In the near future we will be formally structuring our Society, PCA and Community with more precise detail as to what is acceptable and proper with respect to exchange and use of the private medium of exchange known as TBC and Kringle.

This concludes our Public Announcement at this time and date. All inquiries pursuant hereto can be sent to [email protected].

Sincerely, TBC Admin

Kringle Private Society “The Billion Coin”

A Global Sharing & Eleemosynary Society

Kringle Society Mission Statement

The Kringle Society is a global initiative as a Sharing and Eleemosynary Society founded upon the principle that humanity is capable of lifting itself out of the morass of poverty, disease, lack, limitation, suffering and ignorance into a new dawn of abundance and prosperity for all. We are here to empower each of our members with the means to spread abundance, in all its forms, to the entire community of humanity with a clear plan to eliminate poverty worldwide and to assist each and every being that we touch to find their unique purpose that their Creator intended for them. The Kringle Sharing and Eleemosynary Society is here to support all of its members, and all of humanity, by providing the means and methods to have the support and practical tools so that every member of our society and every human being shall have what they need to make manifest their essential needs to create lives of abundance and integrity.

Kringle is a Sharing Society that has established and will continue to build a Private Contract Association in which men, women and children, of their own free will and volitional act, choose to enter into a private contract relationship with our free association membership. This association is based on the principle of mutual benefit and the interactive sharing of knowledge, ideas and creativity through the use of a private medium of exchange known as The Billion Coin (henceforth “TBC”) and its smaller increment coin known as Kringle. Ongoing support through education and the creation of a private social media platform will support this system.

Our mission is to serve one another with love and respect and to use TBC and Kringle to lift humanity out of hunger, poverty, and misery. It is our intention that the veils of ignorance fall from each that we touch. We intend that all of our members will embrace and have a life full of abundance and prosperity as they accept our offer of membership within the Kringle Society and Private Contract Association.

Within the private environs of our Society, our members can enjoy all the benefits of using a completely private medium of exchange that respects the privacy of all who use it. It is within our power to bring in purveyors of goods and services of all kinds, from every location of the Earth, that accept TBC and Kringle for equal value exchange for their goods and services. We intend that TBC and Kringle shall one day reach their full potential when our community grows to One Billion Verified Members. When this occurs it will unlock the Ultimate Value of TBC. This Ultimate Value will reflect the value of One Billion Members of our Private Contract Association and in so doing we shall realize our vision and goal that the measure of real value in this world shall be the true worth of every living being -­‐ men, women and children -­‐ who are the true creative potential of humanity in individual embodiments. We hold this as a true mandate and a self-­‐evident truth. It is an Endowment from our Creator however any individual chooses to define or describe such a creative Source. That endowed mandate is that we shall all live freely in creative collaboration with each other and with this beautiful planet we dwell upon. This shall also include living in harmony with the larger Universal community of Life throughout the Cosmos.

Our Mission is Good! Our Mission is Great! It is up to each and every one of us to fulfill it with the realization of this Gift of Life. The Kringle Society has brought forward a unique contribution as a Gift to Humanity in the fulfillment and realization of that vision. Our Vision sees a world free of limitation and our Mission is to be part of the solution that makes it so. This shall be a world in which every child grows up in a community of support, love, respect and integrity, and has the opportunity that every child in this world should have, which is to have all the tools and resources needed to realize their fullest capacities and build a life that each of us would desire for ourselves and our own children.

As a Sharing Society, Kringle is established as a community intended to share the wealth of our lives with each other. This means the personal human value of a Living Being, not the monetized debt enslavement metric that we have been programmed to believe is real wealth. That is an illusion. It is a trap. The Kringle Society has been established with a Vision, Mission and Purpose to break through that illusion and show the world and humanity how we can free ourselves from the trap. Thus, we have created a currency to flow like the free waters of a mighty river, a river of power and force, a river of Living Beings that come together to see poverty, disease and deprivation forever washed away by such waters and carried to the sea of forgiveness and dissolution so that all men, women and children in this world shall have lives of value, lives of purpose and lives of meaning. We will share with each other the wealth of our life force, the value of our unique capacities to create and build and purify, and we will do it by valuing our currency with the metric of the only real value there is in this world, which is Life. Life means Living In Full Expression by supporting each member of our private society and contract association to achieve their dreams and aspirations. It is our Mission to take the realization of this intention into the greater world society and show others the way of freedom and prosperity without debt, bondage, lack or limitation.

As an Eleemosynary Society we see our Mission as one that brings charitable support to those who need a helping hand in building lives of integrity and respect. This means co-­‐creative sharing and support, not charity that degrades the individual and diminishes self-­‐worth. This is our Mission and this is the Ideal that we shall strive for until it is fulfilled. We envision a world free of constraints where the very stars are our partners and represent unlimited capacities as to what we can accomplish in this lifetime, and for many generations and lifetimes to come. We are a multi-­‐generational legacy trust the true beneficiaries of which are the children of the future, those that are just now coming into life and those yet to be born. Eleemosynary is a word defined by its roots as “Alms Giving”, which in the past meant to give a few coins to the poor and destitute. But we see that “Alm” is the root of Alma, which is Latin for Soul or Spirit, so our charitable giving is of the Soul and Spirit of this Mission Society and its true purpose, which is to bequeath the spirit of unlimited possibilities to the future generations that shall inherit this Spirit and become the Soul this World. We invite all who share this vision to join us in building the true value basis of The Billion Coin (TBC), to add your Life Force to the valuation of one billion coins supported by one billion living souls as a Gift for Humanity, to break free from the chains of debt enslavement and the illusions of lack and limitation, to make TBC what it truly is meant to be, The Brilliant Community of the Kringle Society and of Planet Earth, to enliven the brilliance of One Billion Stars and forever banish the darkness from our world.